Banks and ordinary litigation

A good understanding of litigation involving Banks presupposes a comprehensive knowledge of the rules governing banking contracts. In recent years, litigation with the Banks has developed mainly in current account relationships with overdrafts and debit balances, usury, compounding of interest, maximum overdraft fees; the intermediation of financial products and derivatives; and profiles of nullity and/or voidability of security revolving pledges.

Banks and bankruptcy proceedings.

The involvement of Banks in corporate crisis situations, poses complex and delicate problems when financial firms are subjected to bankruptcy proceedings: In particular, the firm follows companies and credit institutions in disputes related to the fate of bank relationships, guarantees, revocation of payments, the granting of credit to unsecured credit consolidation operations through mortgage loan disbursement transactions.

Banks and enforcement procedures

It has gained significant experience in the activity of judicial and extrajudicial management of credits in litigation and is able to maximize the recovery of problematic credits thanks to qualified internal resources, after adopting operational processes aimed at speeding up recovery times and optimizing management procedures. The ordinary legal management of non-performing loans is supported by the specialized activities that the firm is able to provide by directly taking care of real estate inspections, viewings, mortgage registrations, annotations and transcriptions at the real estate registrars of competence.